Still Life With Boy

Today Big E, Little F, and I went shopping.  We had some gift cards to the Plaza which had been sitting unused for so long we were losing $2.50 a month on our balance due to service charges.  We decided to go shopping to see if we could spend the balance down so we would quit paying some company to keep our money.

We blew most of our balance at Sur la Table but then went to Barnes and Noble to spend the rest of it.  We were wandering through the children’s books when Little F pointed to a book and said, “My dad, my hero!”  Big E and I looked around and saw a book on the display shelf that was titled, My Dad, My Hero.  We decided they must have read it in his daycare class this month for Father’s Day.  It was still kind of surprising that he recognized it and called it by its name.  Little F brought it over to us and Big E flipped through the pages with him.  In his own little way of storytelling, Little F told us what was happening on some of the pages.  Definitely not all of them, but more than we would have expected.  “How many times do you think they read this book to him?” I asked Big E.  “How many times did we read Little Blue Truck to him before he was reading along with us, four? Five?” he replied.

I learned to read when I was two, closer to three, but still in my second year.  I wish my mom were still around so I could ask her about this.  If Little F turns out to be anything like me when I was little… look out, world.  We’re in for a wild ride.

PS:  Little F and I started out our day by going to the farmer’s market.  I bought a lot of fresh fruit including some cherries.  We bought a cherry pitter at Sur la Table and pitted some cherries for Little F.  He held his little bowl of cherries and said, “Cherries.  I love them.”  Little F.  I love him.

Still Life With Boy

Still Life With Boy: A written description of a moment or moments in time I want to remember.  A lazy mom’s version of a baby book.

Last night I let Little F try some pickled carrots and green beans while I was getting dinner ready.  To my surprise he loved them!  He asked for more and more, eating them from both hands while doing his pickle dance around the kitchen.

Big E came home while we were eating dinner and saw a green bean on Little F’s plate.  He said something like, “Ooo, a pickled green bean!” and Little F said, “Mine!” and pulled it to his chest.  That was the first time he said “mine”, but I’m sure not the last.  Usually he’ll say, “That Little F’s fill-in-the-blank”.

Little F is still obsessed with monsters.  Only now instead of drawing a regular-old-run-of -the-mill monster I’m supposed to draw a monster playing a guitar.  Or a monster holding a cake.  I’m running out of ways to draw monsters and cake.  I’m still working on being able to draw a decent guitar.

Last night he dreamed about ducks as evidenced from the conversation we had when I went to bed.  He woke up in his bed and climbed over to snuggle with me and mumbled, “No, ducks.  Yellow duck is over here.”  It’s hearing things like that which make me happy we’re all still in the same bedroom; first by choice and now by circumstance.  I’ll miss that when things change.  No, really, I mean it.

Things You Like Today

Dear Little F,

Right now you would rather put your crayons back in the box than color with them.  You want to be read to during every spare minute of the day.  You are very generous with hugs and kisses.  You seem to be moving out of your biting phase and into a licking (?!?) phase.  You are changing so quickly that if I forget to document something, some cute thing you say or do, you will have stopped doing it before we realize it.

For instance, just a couple of weeks ago you used to answer every question with the word no.  The way you said it was so cute; your dad could do a better imitation than I could.  We would ask, “Little F, do you need to have your diaper changed?  Little F, are you ready to take your bath?  Little F, would you like some milk?”  And you would say, “Naoh!” before we had even finished our question.  Now you will pause as if to consider the question and the answer isn’t always no anymore.

Some things you like today:

  • Climbing.  You will climb into your booster chair when you’re hungry and wait for us to put food on your tray.
  • Books.  Your favorite bedtime books are still “Good Night, Gorilla” aka ” ‘Lilla” and “How do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight” aka “Nino”.  Your favorite daytime books are “Moo” and one of your many books about babies.  Or one of your many books about dogs.  Basically you’re like me and will read anything that has writing on it.
  • Peas.  It took you a while to come around, but you will finally eat your peas at dinner.  Last night all you wanted for dinner were peas.  However you don’t like the skin on the peas and will spit it out leaving the sad little green husks on your tray.  “Pea skins” isn’t a phrase I ever thought I’d say, but it has been a regular one in this house lately.

Finally, and most importantly, you love your Dada and your Mama and your Lucy dog.  The three of us love and adore you too and it has nothing to do with the fact that you don’t say “Naoh” to everything we ask anymore; it has everything to do with pea skins.

My climbing, book-loving, pea-eating little guy with his friends Snooty and Lilla.