It’s Called Gratitude

In honor of Father’s Day, let me just say that this week I’m grateful for my dad.

Here are some fun facts and memories about him related to parenthood:

He has had a hand in raising five children, none of us related to him biologically.

He used to pick me up from pre-school every afternoon and take me to the Creek Store, which was a little convenience store which was located next to a creek on our way home.  Yes, I was quite creative back then; I’ve been blessed with my quick wit from an early age.  I was allowed to get one item from the store each day.  Each day!  I learned I hated Butterfingers and Cracker Jacks thanks to those stops.

I’ve been the only kid that he’s seen grow from an infant to an adult.

I don’t remember a dance recital, softball game, piano recital, or a band concert I was a part of that he didn’t attend.  And there were a lot of them, let me tell you…  I had a very structured childhood. (Can you say Tiger Mom?)

The first newborn he cared for was Little F.

I have been very lucky to have had him as my father for the past thirty-six years.  Here’s hoping for thirty-six more.



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