It’s Called Gratitude

I’m grateful for Big E.  Three houses, two dogs, one child, and five years of marriage.  Thanks for sticking by me for all of it!

I’m grateful for a wonderful camping trip with Little F.  No one got poison ivy, we only found one tick (so far), no one got bug bites, and no one got sunburned!  Instead we had a great, shady and breezy campsite, quiet neighbors, and two glorious nights spent in a tent.  Even the dog was well-behaved and got in the swing of things: our fairly neurotic dog was sprawled out under the picnic table last night, eyes closed and a smile on her face.

Happy boy and a happy dog


I’m grateful that even though Little F has definitely hit “the terrible twos”, watching him learn and put things together more than makes up for his defiance and tantrums, which seemed to have appeared overnight.  He’s using the pronoun “I” correctly, he’s saying full sentences, he’s singing and dancing and using his imagination.  It’s been great to watch it all come together.  He was in the back yard with me earlier this week and grabbed a flower head from a wild onion plant and started dancing around and singing into it, “Like a microphone!”

Singing into his “microphone” in the back yard


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