Still Life With Boy

Still Life With Boy: A written description of a moment or moments in time I want to remember.  A lazy mom’s version of a baby book.

Last night I let Little F try some pickled carrots and green beans while I was getting dinner ready.  To my surprise he loved them!  He asked for more and more, eating them from both hands while doing his pickle dance around the kitchen.

Big E came home while we were eating dinner and saw a green bean on Little F’s plate.  He said something like, “Ooo, a pickled green bean!” and Little F said, “Mine!” and pulled it to his chest.  That was the first time he said “mine”, but I’m sure not the last.  Usually he’ll say, “That Little F’s fill-in-the-blank”.

Little F is still obsessed with monsters.  Only now instead of drawing a regular-old-run-of -the-mill monster I’m supposed to draw a monster playing a guitar.  Or a monster holding a cake.  I’m running out of ways to draw monsters and cake.  I’m still working on being able to draw a decent guitar.

Last night he dreamed about ducks as evidenced from the conversation we had when I went to bed.  He woke up in his bed and climbed over to snuggle with me and mumbled, “No, ducks.  Yellow duck is over here.”  It’s hearing things like that which make me happy we’re all still in the same bedroom; first by choice and now by circumstance.  I’ll miss that when things change.  No, really, I mean it.

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