It’s Called Gratitude

This week I’m grateful for friends: monthly breakfasts with a wonderful group of women, birthday parties for a four-year old, and those who randomly appear to make us smile.

I’m grateful that we were able to cloth diaper almost exclusively for two-plus years.  We’ve run into a stubborn yeast infection that I think is going to turn us over to disposable diapers from this point on.  Luckily we’re getting closer to being fulling potty trained each day.

I’m grateful for our make-shift yet totally awesome fire pit in the backyard.  Whenever I feel like I’ve reached my stress limit and am about ready to lose it, I can go outside and relax in front of the fire and all is well again.

I’m grateful that Little F got his chickenpox vaccine.  We were on a delayed vax schedule for Little F but are basically caught up with all vaccines at this point.  At said four-year-old’s birthday party we were exposed to a child who just broke out in the tell-tale rash this morning.  Fingers crossed that the next three weeks pass without any indication of illness!

And once again, I’m grateful for my husband and my son.  Cheesy as all get-out, I know, but true.

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