It’s Called Gratitude

I’m grateful for long friendships that span the major life changes that can force people apart.

I’m grateful for thunderstorms with all the rain they bring and for sunny days that follow them.

I’m grateful for air conditioning.  Seriously, running around after two boys in 90 degree heat outside makes you appreciate 70 degrees inside.

I’m grateful that neither Big E nor I smoke any more.  It’s been about four-and-a-half years since I quit and about three times that long for him.  Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I was around that many smokers!

I’m grateful that when two little boys (fourth cousins!) were given balloon swords they chose to look through them like goggles and run at each other, fall down and laugh, then get back up to do it again instead of fighting with them.

What should we do with these balloon swords?

Let’s look through them while running towards each other!

That was fun!

Let’s do it again!

And I’m grateful for family, in the various ways they belong to us, as wacky as they may be.

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