One a Day

Yesterday was my 36th birthday.  I gave some thought to what I want out of this coming year and one thing I decided was that I wanted to document more of it.  I’ve had this blog for almost nine months now but haven’t really taken it seriously.  I think it’s time to take it seriously.

As I reader it never occurred to me how much time goes into writing a single blog post, especially for those that keep a DIY blog. As a blogger I know that I want my posts to be “perfect” (as a person I also want to be “perfect” but that’s another post for another day).  However I don’t always have the time/ energy/ wherewithal to craft a “perfect” post. But, I should be able to find the time to post something during the course of a day. So I decided to impose a self-initiated challenge of posting one thing once a day.  The one thing can be a picture or even just a word that sums up my experience that day.  On the days I have more time/ energy/ wherewithal I may put up something with actual paragraphs and sentence structure; we’ll see how this thing progresses.

So without further ado I present to you the One a Day for May 7th:

Second beet from the garden, picked a little prematurely. Fortunately I’m the only one in the family who likes beets so it wasn’t entirely too small for a single serving.

I would like to say, “Thank you” to both Jason Good and Jules at Pancakes and French Fries.  Jason Good did a 365 series last year where he blogged every day for a year and Jules did a Thirty-one Days of William Morris series last October.  Neither of them know me, but both have inspired me.

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