Intentional Home Thursday Pt. 1

First off, let me say that I already know that I won’t be doing this every Thursday.  There’s too much going on for me to be able to commit to that kind of blogging.  I’m not sure I’ve even managed to post more than two times in one week since I started this in September.  Thirteen posts in four months does not a blogger make.

While I may not be a blogger, I am an avid reader of blogs.  And one of the blogs I read is Pancakes and French Fries, written by Jules.  Back in October she started a 31 day series where, inspired by some things that happened in her personal life and this William Morris quote, she de-cluttered, repaired, cleaned, and organized her home; kicked butt and inspired lots of people in the process.

I know I mentioned that we just moved into a new house and I think I may have mentioned that this house is a rehab job, which is no where near complete, but complete enough for us to live in while we fix up a second house to sell and a third house to rent.  (Phew, how does Donald Trump do it?  Oh, yeah.  He has tons of money and can pay someone to do this crap for him.)  There are no shortage of projects for me to tackle, and I hope to post the entire list soon.  Jules posted her master list here, I love how she identified the overall feeling she wanted for each room.  I may have to copy that part too.  Oddly enough I spent part of my weekend walking around the house, pen and notepad in hand, taking notes about projects which still needed to be started/ finished in each room so I already have a rough idea of what needs to be done.

For this week’s project I am highlighting the very unglamorous, un-sexy coat closet!  We were working on it this weekend, and I neglected to take any before pictures.  I’m definitely no DIY blogger.  (Or any type of blogger as I mentioned earlier.  Ha!)  Okay, let’s focus…

When we moved in, there was nothing in the coat closet.  No bar to hang any hangers on nor any shelves on which to place the things you place on the shelves in the coat closet…  Light bulbs?  Um, board games?  Those were the things on the shelf in our previous coat closet.  So without further ado, it is my pleasure to introduce to you the New and Improved Front Entry Closet!

Coats on hangers, what a novel idea!

Please forgive the crappy iPhone picture.  I’m not sure where the cable for the SLR camera is.  Actually, I’m not sure where the SLR camera is.

There are still things I’d like to do in there: paint the walls and either tack the carpet down so it’s secure or pull it up and carry the tile that Big E installed in the entry way into the closet.  The closet isn’t very wide so Big E suggested we put two levels of coat racks in there to double our space. It works for us because neither of us is very tall, thus we have short coats, and the couple full length coats I do have can be hung up in our regular bedroom closet. And this way Little F can take his own coat off the hanger and start to learn to hang it up himself when we get home.  It’s not totally obvious from this picture, but each bar has a shelf over it so there are places to put things.  The only thing on the upper shelf right now is an old purse, which I love, but I no longer love the color.  I want to attempt to dye it but that will be a post much farther down the line.

It’s not exactly beautiful, but it sure is useful.

(If you can’t or don’t want to click the link to the William Morris quote, it is, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”)

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