Sick Day

Last night Little F felt hot and was tugging on his ear.  We’ve been through this before so we knew what the plan for today would be.

This morning, Big E took him to the walk-in hours at our pediatrician’s office while I went to work*.  (Little F will be fine, he has an ear infection but we caught it early so he should get over it pretty quickly.)  I came home after a half day at work and took the afternoon sick-kid shift.

The weather changed today; the wind picked up and the snow moved in. Little F and I snuggled on the couch and read a stack of books. We napped together.  I heated some home-made chicken broth and made toast for him. It was the perfect afternoon to spend on the couch with my favorite little guy.  Although I’m sure he wouldn’t consider it the perfect afternoon.

*A big thanks to Big E for being the kind of dad who will stay home with a sick kid.  When both parents work out of the home it makes sense to split the sick days when possible, but I hear from lots of moms that it doesn’t always work that way.  I’m a lucky lady.

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