Books and Swings

A couple of weeks ago I was putting Little F into his car seat when I found a new book in the seat.  I’m not sure where the book came from, but whoever gave it to him has a sick sense of humor.  Whoever green-lighted the publishing of this book has a sick sense of humor.  Or else I have a sick sense of humor and am seeing things that no one else sees.  I’ll let you judge for yourselves:

Now I don’t know what a Boohbah is, but I can tell you what a Boohbah reminds me of.

Need a hint?  Here’s a different view:

I also received a package from a close relative that same week.  Some hand-me-down toys, clothes, etc., the usual suspects.  Then I found this padded velour vest:

I can just picture Little F on the playground wearing his velour vest advertising that he’s a baby swinger to all the other girls and boys at school.  “Hey, Baby.  Want to come over to my house and look at my Boohbah?  Just leave your keys in the bowl by the door.”

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