I can’t get wordpress to recognize my most recent download of pictures so I can’t upload them on the post I’ve been working on since last Friday.

In other news, Baby F is teething. He’s in the process of getting his upper one-year molars and his upper incisors at the same time.  Ugh.  At least we’ll get through it faster.  That’s what I keep telling myself; only time will tell if it’s true.  Last night I woke up around 2:30 am and Baby F wasn’t in the bed with us.  In the dark I could see him standing at the entrance to the bedroom.  I asked him where he was going and he turned around and came toddling back to bed.  That’s the first time (that I’m aware of) he’s gotten out of bed in the middle of the night.  On a few occasions he’s gotten out of bed while Big E and I are still awake in another part of the house and come looking for us.  I hope he simply didn’t realize that we were in bed with him and that’s what he was doing.  Regardless, after he came back to bed all he wanted to do was play and nurse, play and nurse.  He finally fell asleep about an hour after he came back to bed but I think he nursed until it was time to get up and get ready for work.

We got some work done on the house over the weekend.  It’s never as much as we want to get done and in September we’ve got Big E out-of-town for a business trip and my dad’s surgery.  Both of those things are going to cut back on the number of hours we can spend at the new house.  Big E’s mom decided to buy us kitchen counter tops so that is going to be a huge time and budget saver.  Originally Big E and his friend Bigger B wanted to pour concrete counter tops.  I still think that would have looked really cool, but I’m glad that we don’t have to mess with that.  (They wanted to pour in place and I’m still not convinced that would have been a better option than pre-formed pieces.  It’s a moot point now.)

There are diapers to fold and stuff and dinner to eat so my stream of consciousness post is coming to an end.  Hopefully I can figure out how to get my pictures uploaded so I can document the hilarity that has been gifted to Baby F.

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